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Moving counselling outdoors

What is Talk Walk Run?

Most of us face times in our lives when we feel we are struggling. When this feels overwhelming, counselling offers you an opportunity to find a way through these feelings towards a more positive and fulfilling relationship with yourself and others.

The way we feel is a direct consequence of the way we think, so working on distorted patterns of thinking can have a transformational effect on our emotions. I use an evidence-based approach called TEAM CBT that has proved to be highly and rapidly effective in enabling people to recover from anxiety or depression. Together, we would look at what is happening in your thought processes, then use any of 50 or more cognitive and behavioural methods to find more positive and healthy ways to think.

The outdoors is an ideal environment to explore this together. Walking and talking offers a comfortable and relaxed way of working and being surrounded by nature itself can have a positive impact on your well-being. For those who enjoy exercise, there is also the option of incorporating running into the session.

Fot some people, location or other factors may mean meeting up outdoors is not possible, so I am also able to offer online counselling via Zoom. If you are interested in exploring this option, please let me know.





The sessions are an hour long.

There is no fixed number of sessions but I recommend thinking in terms of a block of six then reviewing at that point. For many people, that is enough to make the changes they are looking for, but others like to explore further issues.

I am currently holding most Talk Walk Run sessions on the Downs (Durdham Downs, Bristol) but do offer one or two othe locations depending on demand. I also offer online counselling via Zoom.

I am happy to go out in any weather, as long as we are able to talk in it. However, I recognise that you may not want to be out in the rain, so there is always the option to have the session over Zoom instead. It is your session, so we will decide together what would work best.

Most people I work with just like to walk and talk. Occasionally we might stop to sit on a bench and write things down. Some also like to run but there doesn’t need to be any running involved!

If you want to run, we will go at whatever pace allows you to talk comfortably. This may be a walk, or an easy jog, or a mix of both. Over time you may find yourself getting less out of breath and able to run more while talking, but the important thing to know is there is no level of fitness you need to start using talkwalkrun therapy.

While I am a qualified run leader, the intention of the sessions is not to focus on your running ability, but rather to incorporate it into a holistic approach to talking therapy, helping you resolve issues in your life that you wish to work on

Anything you feel comfortable running/walking in. It is always good to be prepared for a change in weather and not a bad idea to keep an eye on the forecast leading up to the session.

Counsellor Andy

A few years ago I was approached by a young man after a talk I had given on running. He wanted advice on getting back into running and I offered to run with him once a week to support him in it. Our runs became a space in which he began to talk about his mental health issues and the idea for Talk Walk Run was born. I am now a qualified counsellor and a member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists and have most of my counselling sessions outdoors.

Although it was running that initially gave me the idea for doing counselling outside, in reality it is primarily walk and talk that I find people are interested in. Either way, there is something about being outdoors and in motion that makes talking easy and relaxed.

I have worked in supportive roles all my adult life, starting in community work and then moving into teaching. Alongside this I have been involved in several voluntary roles, working with homeless people and refugees and asylum seekers.

Andy Persson


I offer a free phone consultation up to 15 minutes to answer any questions you have about counselling and to help you decide if it is something you would like to go ahead with.

Sessions cost £45 and last an hour.

I have some sessions available at concessionary rates. Please ask if you would like to discuss this.

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“Andy has helped me to work through a difficult period of anxiety using CBT techniques. Within just a few sessions together, I’m feeling so much more like myself again for the first time in a very long time. Without a doubt I’d highly recommend Andy to anyone who needs his services in future. Thank you Andy!”

“You are outstanding at getting to the nub of stuff – thank you”

“I have regained my confidence, begun to care more about myself and discovered the strength I needed to make positive changes in my life. Andy has given me the tools to grow, let go of guilt and feel much calmer and positive about the here and now. I will be able to carry the methods forwards with me, and bring them to mind when tough patches arise. It has been one of the wisest investments of time and money I have made. Thank you.” 

“Andy has helped me tremendously over our sessions to process and deal with what has happened in my past, as well as helping me to understand my thoughts and feelings and find some of myself again. Being able to do counselling outdoors in fresh air not only helped with my anxiety but also to keep calm and keep my body moving during the sessions. I’m incredibly grateful to Andy for all the help and support he has given me over the last few months, and I’ve been amazed at the changes I have gone through whilst these sessions have been going on.”

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